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Welcome to MARC MEDIC

The Marc Medic hair transplant team was formed with a vision to provide quality and world class hair transplantation to its Filipino and international clients. The team is composed of young, vibrant and talented doctors, nurses and surgical assistants all with specific vital roles to make each patient’s hair transplantation a unique, pleasant and successful experience.

We have carefully chosen and equipped our team with appropriate knowledge and skills through proper hair transplant training and experience. Now, we can offer our patients very natural looking and permanent results like never before. All these combined with the world renowned Filipino patient health care is what makes our team unique from the rest. The promise of Marc Medic hair transplant team: GOOD EXPERIENCE AND RESULTS by combining both art and science in hair restoration surgery.

"Every time a client signs up with our team, I know that they have given a lot of thought, time and effort in considering hair transplantation. They want to do it not only to restore their looks but more than that, confidence in themselves. This drives us to do each and every hair transplant procedure as an artisanal craft, with much love, passion and dedication."
--Theresa Cacas, MD

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